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What Does It Mean to Understand Language? - Stanford HCI Group
tion in my understanding of just what it means to say that a person or computer .... SHRDLU incorporated lnechanisms to deal with these phenomena in enough.

Mommy, What Does 'Nigger' Mean?
he had said and watched the teacher scold him for using a "bad" word. ... And what exactly did it mean? Thinking ... quick enough–you don't mess with a nigger. ".

Saying, Meaning, and Implicating
A speaker can say something without meaning it, by meaning something else or perhaps ... reason enough to distinguish saying, meaning, and implicating.

"Any and All": To Use Or Not To Use? - State Bar of Michigan
erhaps this simple anecdote says it all. But does it ... distinctions in meaning influence the outcome of a ... enough to include "all," and "all" can mean any one.

Fries' definition of knowing a language rejects the layman's - ERIC
What does it mean when we say that someoneknows a language? Consider first the .... someone knows"enough" to carry out a specified function. One approach ...

“THEY SAY / I SAY”: The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing
important—was clear enough, but why did the speaker need to make it in the first place ... his audience unsure about why he felt the need to say what he was saying. .... that our book questions—that good writing means making true or smart or ...

Speaker Meaning, What is Said, and What is Implicated [1]
by means of a sentence S, it is not enough for her to mean that P'S must also be a .... for conversational implicature, what the speaker actually thinks does have a ...

What does it mean to be an Ally? - opseu
There are many different definitions and descriptions of what it means to be an ally. The information ... Dalai Lama, said, “It is not enough to be compassionate.

What Does It Mean to Say that Philanthropy is “Effective”? The
What Does It Mean to Say that ... Now those of you who know what I have written and said about .... not enough in the way of cause-addressing grantmaking.

What does it mean to say that economics is performative? - Hal-SHS
Sep 6, 2006 ... What does it mean to say that economics is .... unexpectedly weak contribution of economics, it would be easy enough to reassure them.

Gender and Race: (What) Are They? (What) Do We Want Them To
If her functioning as a female is not enough to define woman, if ..... What does it mean to say that someone is “systematically subordinated” or “priv- ileged”, and ...

What does 'Endangered' mean? - CPAWS Southern Alberta
What does the word ... When the number of animals is low enough so that the species is in danger of becoming extinct, the species is said to be endangered.

what does it mean to say that logic is formal? - John MacFarlane
What does it mean, then, to say that logic is distinctively ..... On the other hand, if we characterize logical methods broadly enough to include. Aristotle's Prior ...

Lesson 1: How to Say Thank You! in Hungarian - Survival Phrases
I can't stress this enough: a little a bit of language can go a long way! ... You can emphasize köszönöm by adding szépen, which means literally "nicely, well.

what the heck does it mean when someone calls themselves "Esquire"
As far as I am concerned, that says a lot more about my sources than it does about me ... True enough, but I don't begrudge them their need to have other people ...

has on a scale associated with the meaning of the adjective or adverb is related to ... example, the actual quality of the food is said to exceed the admissible value determined by ... them more precise, but it does not make them unacceptable.

John Ciardi : “ How Does a Poem Mean ?”
But what can it possibly say of the experience one has had of the living ... If the reader cared enough for poetry, he would have no need to study it. He would live  ...

Word-Meaning in Legal Interpretation - Columbia Law School
We can still say that the word “chips” has one word-meaning in British English. ( namely ... enough to defend the thesis that some words do have word-meanings,  ...

the meaning(s) of “the people” in the constitution - Harvard Law
consistent meaning throughout the Constitution.13 But Heller also said that “the .... Court reversed, holding that the Fourth Amendment does not apply to a search and ..... as its holding is capacious enough to permit future growth: “whatever.

What's it all about? - Europa EU
2 The European Union — what does this mean exactly? 10 ... Some people say the EU does not do enough; ... The media don't report enough about the EU.