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Detection of sentence modality on French automatic - HAL-Inria
Aug 13, 2015 ... Detection of sentence modality on French automatic speech- to-text ... linguistic features outperform the classifiers based on prosodic features.

Automatic dialog acts recognition based on sentence structure - Hal
Jun 5, 2006 ... recognition based on sentence structure and prosody. Our system is tested on a Czech ... bine prosodic and lexical classifiers for DA recognition. We now extend this ..... Sentence Modality in German with Prosodic Features,”.

Automatic Dialog Acts Recognition based on Sentence Structure
recognition based on sentence structure and prosody. Our system is tested on a ... on automatic modeling and recognition of dialog acts in the. Czech language. ..... Sentence Modality in German with Prosodic Features,” in Eurospeech'95 ...

Automatic Intonation Recognition for the Prosodic Assessment of
prosodic skills in one grammatical aspect: sentence modalities. Three types of ...... intonation contours due to French prosodic dependencies. B. Recording the ...

Tempo and the perception of sentence modality - Laboratoire Parole
statements, and used in a forced-choice identification task. ... Keywords: prosody, tempo, sentence modality, Neapolitan Italian, phonetic detail, abstractionist and ... have a faster speech rate, essentially due to the shortening of the last foot (van Heuven ... For instance, Smith (2002) suggests that in French the source of this.

Accentual Phrase Boundary and Lexical Access in French - Speech
Accentual Phrase Boundaries and Lexical Access in French. Amandine ... an impact on word recognition and must be considered for ... According to Prosodic Phonology theories, such as that proposed by ..... modal word monitoring task.

Difluency detection based on prosodic features for - INESC-ID
Reported experiments are based on audio segmentation and prosodic features, ..... Several studies point clues for detecting disfluencies such as: sentence length ... and fragments, which are the most common occurrences, for both data modalities (recognition / forced ..... (2008) for Portuguese or Candea (2000) for French.

“Good-Enough” Use of Structural Information in French: Prosodic
Patson, 2007) propose that sentence reanalysis operates according to Frazier and ... cross-modal priming task) where prosodic boundaries coincided or did not coincide with a syntactic ...... (2010) Recognition memory reveals just how.

The [Oxford] Handbook of Prosody - RUhosting
prosody. 3. Perceptual effects of and on prosody. Plateaux vs. peaks (fall vs. rise), ... expression of frequently noted meanings, like sentence modality and focus. ... unresolved issues may range from the identification of underdescribed ... however, English-based creoles (e.g. Sranan, Tok Pisin) come under their own area.

Prosodic Description: An Introduction for Fieldworkers - ACTL
word-level or lexical prosodic features and sentence-level or “post-lexical” ones. Probably the best ..... For example, in French, “liaison” – .... to phrase/sentence- level uses of pitch that convey distinctions related to sentence modal- ... existence of such a distinction has been recognized by some investigators since the 1940s,.

Audio-Visual Prosody: Perception, Detection, and - TMH - KTH
and non-verbal interaction between the visual and the acoustic modalities from production and .... speech files from the 200 sentences dataset were phonetically aligned, and the acoustic features, were .... A string based percentage correct word recognition scoring was manually applied ..... French, and English. Journal of ...

intonation of spontaneous speech in french - International Phonetic
neutralization of the interrogative modality contour when another interrogative marker is ... At the sentence level, the prosodic structure in French is indicated by a .... According to the theoretical predictions tested, the rising or falling variations ... [6] Mehta, G. and Cutler, A. 1988 Detection of target phonemes in spontaneous  ...

Assessing Multimodal Spoken Word-in-Sentence Recognition in
Aug 5, 2010 ... difficulty and presentation modality effects were examined, ... word-in-sentence recognition can be assessed using the materials .... recorded, used connected speech, and was based on a ... atric CI population (Krull, Choi, Kirk, Prusick, & French, .... fluent, had a similar prosody to the other sentences, and.
Holt Assessing Multimodal Spoken Word.pdf

fusing prosodic and acoustic information for speaker recognition
sentence. Recently, this technology has been undergone an increasing use in applications such as access control ... tary knowledge to the traditional spectrum- based recognition systems and thus improving their ..... 2.20 Verification process using fusion of two biometric modalities at the score level. . 42 .... French, 1990).

Recognizing prosody from the lips - Hal
Feb 11, 2009 ... Two corpora with Subject-Verb-Object (SVO) sentences were .... They have shown that, for all these languages, focus is very well perceived from the auditory modality. ... for automatic prosodic focus detection from lip data in French which can .... according to the method described in 1.4.3 in order to isolate ...

The contribution of prosody to the perception of foreign accent - Limsi
The methodology we propose, based on the prosody transplantation ... was studied in Dutch-accented English [de Bot, 1983], English-accented French [ Grover et al., 1987], ... This study investigates the identification of two neighbouring accents: Italian ... coherent sentences were created in order to select different modalities ...

Introducing Voice Analysis Software into the Classroom - Pixel
Can Help French Students Improve their Acquisition of English. Prosody. ... auditory to a visual modality significantly increased the stability of acquisition. ... identification of the structure of these IPs, including the indication of the place and type of tone ... The instructional sessions were based on A Course in Phonetics [5 ].

[halshs-00316156, v2] Cross-linguistic prosodic - Mathilde Dargnat
The data for both languages (French and English) is partly based on ... prosodic modeling for speech synthesis and speech recognition. .... realized, are very effective for describing Fo curves in neutral read sentences (S. ... tackle only two factors (three at the most, in the latest papers), such as phrasing and modalities, or.

Prosody in the hands of the speaker - Language, Cognition and
Jun 18, 2014 ... Experiment 2 shows that in the case of ambiguous sentences (i.e., sentences with ... In the auditory modality, prosody is characterized by changes in duration, intensity and .... where disambiguation could be either due to IP or to PP boundaries. ..... Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition, Washington D.C..

Multimodal emotion recognition in speech-based interaction using
A database was constructed consisting of people pronouncing a sentence in ... speakers of several different native languages including French, German, Greek and Italian. ... Bimodal emotion recognition based on all combinations of the modalities .... statistical analysis of the signal and prosodic signs of emotion in speech.