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Scalable Network Programming Or The Quest For A Good Web Server - Full Download
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Scalable Network Programming - nothing to see here -
Oct 16, 2003 ... Scalable Network Programming. Or: The Quest For A Good Web Server (That Survives Slashdot). Felix von Leitner [email protected]

Radiatus: Strong User Isolation for Scalable Web Applications
of a social network, one may store a list of users and their permissions in a relational database. When a user requests a feed of recent content, the web server ...

applying the proactor pattern to high-performance web servers
fies concurrent programming and improves performance by allowing concurrent ... Computing power and network bandwidth on the Internet ... In this context, developing scalable Web servers that can ... quest events are serviced by a concurrency strategy. ... nent that uses a perfect hash table [14] that maps abbreviated.

Flash: An Efficient and Portable Web Server - Usenix
ing Web servers by up to 50% across a wide range of real workloads. ... (MT) architectures usually perform best. ... quests, and for other operating systems, like Windows. NT. ... ing with disk accesses and network communication. ..... client software is an event-driven program that simulates ..... Cluster-based scalable network.

A Programming Interface for Scalable Network - EECS Berkeley
Jun 30, 2016 ... We present MegaPipe, a new API for efficient, scalable network I/O for ..... The current best practice for event-driven server programming is ... quest stream. ..... value store) and nginx 1.0.15 [37] (a web server), to verify the ...

Scalable kernel performance for Internet servers - Semantic Scholar
area networks cause busy servers to manage a large num- ... performance of Squid and an event-driven Web server in a simulated WAN .... quests on these connections. We refer to this ..... ing the thttpd server program; we ensured that the origin server was never ..... idle time is not quite as good, probably because of some.

Efficient Support for P-HTTP in Cluster-Based Web Servers
scalable server performance on these platforms is critical to delivering high .... ployed in cluster-based network servers, where the front- end takes into .... quest arrives on a client connection, the front-end assigns the request ..... To the best of our knowl- edge ..... ference on Architectural Support for Programming. Languages ...

Mio: A High-Performance Multicore IO Manager for GHC - The Yale
tions such as web servers and software-defined network (SDN) controllers. ... threads, network programs,. IO manager, event notification, multicore processors, concurrency, scalability .... A concurrent Haskell program is written using Haskell threads typ- .... quests per second, provided there are a sufficient number of clients.

Architecture of a Web server accelerator - IBM Research People and
on an embedded operating system and improves Web server performance by caching data. .... well-suited to specialized network applications .... complicates the application programmer's task, it ... good performance include the following: 1 . .... Scalable web server accelerator design and system ... quests based on content.

Interposed Request Routing for Scalable Network Storage
network-attached storage services by aggregating cost-effective ... A successful storage system architecture must scale to meet these ..... quest stream is similiar in concept to the Amoeba. Bullet Server 25 ... SquidMLA 18 , a Web proxy server that maintains a user-level ...... ference on Architectural Support for Programming.

Bibliographie - TELECOM SudParis
Programming with POSIX Threads. Addison ... Scalable Network Programming Or: The Quest for a. Good Web Server (That Survives Slashdot). TELECOM ...

Scalable Cross-Language Services Implementation - Apache Thrift
Apr 1, 2007 ... As Facebook's traffic and network structure have scaled, the re- source demands of ... In our implementation of these services, various programming lan- ... tended towards choosing the best tools and implementations avail- able over ..... PHP have also been embedded into the Apache web server, provid-.

Experiences parallelizing a Web Server with OpenMP
parallelize the Boa web server using OpenMP, compared to a pthreads ... For synchronization mechanisms programmers can use barrier synchroniza- .... quests. Boa logically divides each request in smaller chunks of work and each ... dependence ( e.g. it needs to read data from a socket ). 3. ..... scalable internet services.

An Empirical Evaluation of Client-side Server Selection Algorithms
Keywords—replication, caching, server selection, site selection, Web. I. INTRODUCTION ... client location as well as server load and network cross traffic. A mobile client ... Upon receiving a translation request, the DNS Bind program se - lects from ... quest latency” as a cost function instead of response time [9]. Consequently ...

ETTM: A Scalable Fault Tolerant Network Manager - Colin Dixon
new scalable and fault tolerant network manager, called ... we provide a uniform administrative and programming ..... a known-good software stack and that they came from ... running ETTM, a persistent server on the LAN or even ... quest Identity packet (1), and responds with an EAP .... a NAT, web cache, or traffic shaper.

Scalable Content-aware Request Distribution in - Infoscience
request distribution in Web server clusters. In this architecture ... individual server nodes with the promise of perfect scalability as ... employed in cluster-based network servers, where the request .... The program generates HTTP requests as fast as the Web server can ... quest the same Web page of a given size. Under this.

A Scalable Approach to Network Enabled Servers - École normale
solve should be able to obtain a reference to the server that is best suited for it. DIET is. designed ... web page, a PSE such as Scilab [5] or Matlab, or from a compiled program. Master Agent (MA) ..... quest structure is sent to the target servers.

Scalability of Linux Event-Dispatch Mechanisms -
vide good throughput compared to mechanisms like se- lect() and /dev/poll. We also .... Web servers for doing network I/O. We follow this up with a discussion of ...

Client-Server Design Alternatives: Back to Pipes but - CiteSeerX
the explosion of the WWW, busy Web servers measure the number of connections per hour in ... It has greatly simplified network program- ming [5] by .... quest. Each server extends the class constructor to kick off the required worker threads ..... the performance of the concurrent hash table is not so good as the performance.

Locality-Aware Request Distribution in Cluster-based Network Servers
Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Lan- ... network server consists of a front-end, responsible for re- quest distribution, and a number of back-end nodes, re- sponsible for ... Secondary storage scalability ... of web servers within organizations. .... The goal of LARD is to combine good load balancing.