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Mulan on Page and Stage: Stories of Mulan in Late Imperial China
May 16, 2008 ... well-known story of Mulan, a folk ballad Mulan shi 木蘭詩 (The Mulan Poem). ..... Ci Mulan was written with actual performance in mind.

Mulan's Legend and Legacy in China and the United States
America.1 This study investigates variations of Mulan's story that feature ..... is “ not a simplification because it is a false representation of a given real- ity.

Disney's "Mulan"—the "True" Deconstructed Heroine? - jstor
of these tales seek to express through the stories their hopes of change and ... Mulan in t gender. Secondly, thi of cross-dressing, br. Lastly, the paper will.

The Ballad of Mulan - Asia for Educators - Columbia University
background explains why the character Mulan refers to the Son of Heaven as “ Khan” ... conveyed in the movie “Mulan” of a stereotypically Confucian Chinese ...

Reel Royal Diversity? The Glass Ceiling in Disney's Mulan - MDPI
Dec 17, 2016 ... Abstract: Both in Mulan and Princess and the Frog, Disney eschews a traditional ... modest aspirations in stories replete with stereotypical gender and ... fictional characters reflect oppression of their real-life counterparts.

American Mulan: Powerful and Powerless - US-China Education Trust
Hong Kingston rewrote the story of Mulan according to her own understanding; while Disney movie Mulan presented an American story in a Chinese context.

What Does the American Mulan Look Like?
film Mulan, adapted from the ancient Chinese poem “Ode to Mulan” has already made its ... mercial point of view, the story of a Chinese girl who joins the army in her ... the emperor in the film is the authentic imperial “yellow” of the actual robes.

Mulan - Educasia
important that they understand the ideas behind the story, and this is easier in .... Mulan might have been a real person (there certainly have been real-life ...

The Song of Mulan
This story is based on the ancient Chinese epic poem, Ode of Mulan. Legends can be true, or purely myth. We don't know if the legend of. Mulan is true or just a  ...

Chapter 12 Mulan (1998) and Hua Mulan (2009)
May 20, 2014 ... Each of these accounts of Hua Mulan's story adds enriching and .... articulated in her solo song “Reflection”: if she wants to remain true to ...
Mulan (1998) and Hua Mulan (2004) National Narrative and Trans-Cultural Intertextuality.pdf

Transformations of The Woman Warrior Hua Mulan - Brill Online
For over 1500 years the Hua Mulan story has remained a popular source of inspiration for ..... and, as if to remove any doubt about her real or fictional status, has ...

Lady General Hua Mulan - Scientific Research Publishing
Apr 16, 2016 ... which is adapted from the folk story on a Chinese girl, Hua Mulan, who ... Only when the General visits Mulan later does he realize her real ...

36 April 2005 Globalization and Hybridization in -
The Mulan story is based on a popular ballad that was written during the Northern ... The entertainment commodity, true to the Disney brand, contains a kernel of.

Lan Dong. Mulan's Legend and Legacy in China and the United
The author delves meticulously into a wide range of Mulan stories across time, geography and cultures, including "The Ballad of Mulan" and its adaptations in ...

Re-fashioning the warrior Hua Mulan:
The story of Hua Mulan – a woman successfully masquerading as a man within the ... examines the various renditions of Hua Mulan's story and discovers that ...

The Nightmarish and Fantastic China in The Woman Warrior
the Mulan story, Mulan becomes a martial artist and later marches at the head ... The aunt's story in “No Name Woman” is positioned in real historical time (after.

Disney's Female Gender Roles - Indiana State University
Nov 24, 2015 ... Even though entertainment presented on the television is not real or an ..... Based off of a true story and medieval Chinese legend, Mulan.

Becoming Mulan? - Institute for Strategic Dialogue
Mulan? Female Western. Migrants to ISIS carolyn hoyle alexandra bradford ross frenett ... has their own story, everyone has their own pain to tell – but ..... the clear message is that her family is providing real and practical obstacles that.

Towards a New Identity: Maxine Hong Kingston's Rewriting of Fa
Key Words: Maxine Hong Kingston, Fa-Mulan, The Woman Warrior. Memoirs of a .... essay “Come All Ye Asian American Writers of the Real and the Fake” (1991), after ... story has to be introduced uniquely into a unique situation, for in oral.

a cross-cultural analysis of disney mulan film and chinese mulan
Mulan story have different impacts on attitude of Chinese audience? ..... culture clash, and while a real life merger with such offensive clashes would not be as.