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Modeling Scale Formation and Optimizing Scale Inhibitor Dosages
Mar 30, 2011 ... The models are in agreement with current theories and practice and treat scale inhibitors as agents which ... Characteristics of these systems ... related water chemistry areas of cooling water, and oil field brine chemistry. Scale ...

Modelling Sub-Core Scale Permeability in Sandstone for Use in
brine saturated sandstone core at reservoir conditions, simulating injection ... these methods are very accurate for estimating core-scale properties, they do not ...... permeability, and so a small, practical subset of suitable methods will be covered. .... measurement on 155 samples from three US oil fields, Timur determined ...

Fighting Scale—Removal and Prevention - Semantic Scholar
Imagine an oilfield menace that can smother a productive well within 24 hours. The buildup of scale inside ... the scale and its physical properties. .... dence on brine composition, temperature and the pressure of .... chemical models designed to simulate fluid and chemical .... treatment a practical removal method. Frequently ...

PDF (305 K) - Iranian Journal of Oil & Gas Science and Technology
Jun 16, 2014 ... An In-depth Study of Calcium Carbonate Scale Formation and Inhibition ... Department of Oil and Gas Field Development and Operation, Oil ... The model tracks the changes in the ionic composition of water ... chemical (ion concentration and ionic strength of the solution) and thermodynamic properties of .

the development and improvement of instructions -
Calcium, sulfate ions, and scale inhibitor concentrations were analyzed in ...... conduct thermodynamic calculation to predict scaling, various models have been ... To obtain precise thermodynamic properties of calcium .... oil field brines at various temperatures and pressures. ... ignored under most practical applications .

Key issues related to modelling of internal corrosion of oil and gas
The state-of-the-art in modelling of internal corrosion of oil and gas pipelines ..... oilfield brines, as its effect on CO2 corrosion of mild steel is well understood. ... being iron carbonate FeCO3, and various types of scale typically rich in ..... How the flow regime is actually predicted and how the hydrodynamic properties affect.

Thermo-kinetic and Physico-Chemical Modeling of - ScienceDirect
Generating Scaling Problems in Phosphoric Acid and Fertilizers ... characteristics of the deposited minerals, and the use of the Pitzer formalism for the ... has been specifically redesigned and adapted for a practical use in the field of .... stemming from oil fields [1] and brines produced during seawater desalination [2]. Here ...

Apr 17, 1998 ... It presents the fundamental and practical aspects ... simulated) from a large-scale commercial MSF desalination plant (48 ..... Appendix B: Property Correlations for Steam, Water, and Brine ...... The expansion of oil discoveries in the Arabian Gulf countries, ... Kuwait continues to lead the field of desalination.

scale deposits in porous media and their removal by edta injection
practice. The oilfield chemical industry has historically used terminology that represents the physical appearance of a ... Costs due to scale formation in oil fields are high, because of ... investigated the effect of brine ion concentration, temperature ..... The properties of ..... New and Reliable Model for Predicting Oilfield. Scale ...

Activated Complex Theory of Barite Scale Control - Materials and
rate expression to estimate the dissolution rate constants from the properties of the activated complex. Our results ... Scale deposition from oil field 'brines' ( typically l—20% dissolved salt) can be caused by ... For practical reasons the rate of dis- ... Our barite model of the 001 surface was sampled with the most stable EDTA.

Laboratory Study on Precipitation of Barium - Bentham Open
Nov 28, 2008 ... Abstract: Scale formation is one of the most serious oil field problems that inflict water injection systems ... through flooding sandstone core samples of uniform properties with supersaturated brine. ... and model the rate of this reaction. ...... Carbonate Scale Considerations: A Practical Approach”, The SPE.

Seismic modeling to monitor CO2 geological storage - Wiley Online
Jun 8, 2012 ... When CO2 is stored into depleted oil and gas fields or unmineable coal ..... [14] The brine acoustic properties depend on temperature, pressure ...

Brine Contamination to Aquatic Resources from Oil and Gas
A. Oil and Gas Production, Aquatic Resources, and Brine Contamination in the .... from hydraulic fracturing associated with modern oilfield .... properties that have been shown to limit subsurface brine ... pants completed a modeling exercise designed to illustrate ..... ent, the most common disposal practice of produced waters.

Variable selection and uncertainty analysis of scale - SAGE Journals
various variables such as temperature, pressure, brine concentration, fluid ... temperatures on the oilfield scale formation. From the ... characteristics x and scale growth rate y. The main idea ... it is used to adjust a prediction model for the scale growth rate on .... In practice, an appropriate mapping f is often diffi- cult to be ...

An efficient software framework for performing - Science Direct
leakage through man-made pathways such as abandoned wells from oil and gas ... need is emerging for practical assessment of leakage risk. In order to accurately predict leakage of brine and CO2 from the .... CO2 will exhibit three key characteristics. ..... and S. Bachu, Field-scale Application of a Semi-analytical Model for.

Water Technology: Understanding, Interpreting and - Halliburton
The water analysis can indicate the potential for corrosivity, for mineral scale ... The calcium ion is a major constituent of oilfield brines and can range in ... One of the most important properties of a water is its pH. The pH .... water analyses is API -RP-45: Recommended Practice for Analysis of Oilfield Waters. .... This model of.

Inhibition of calcium sulfate scale by a fluidized bed
Comparison between the models of Pitzer and Marshall and Slusher 55. 3.7. r. ... Commentary on the material properties of the gypsum/sand mixtures. 141. App. 5.2. ..... ter and oil field brines, Masters thesis, Rice University, Houston (1972). 9. ..... A close approximation of the practical scaling process has been obtained with .

Strategies for Produced Water Handling in New Mexico
Creation of a scale prediction tool that uses two common scaling indices ... several produced oilfield brine pretreatment processes. ... In the San Juan and Raton Basins project, the team's capabilities in water modeling and surface .... are used to test the clay membrane and determine various membrane properties from.

Calcite scale prediction at the near-well region - EPJ Web of
tendency, a kinetic model for the prediction of scaling rate and a transport model to simulate flow in a ... technique for predicting calcite scale formation in oilfield.

Pore Scale Observations of Trapped CO2 in Mixed-Wet Carbonate
ganglia persisted after three pore volumes of brine injection, facilitating the ... The work has direct implications for CO2 capture and storage in oil fields where ... trapping in the laboratory10-12 and modeling to analyze the implications for ... Due to the presence of hydrocarbon, the fluid-rock chemico-physical properties of oil.