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Properties of Potassium - Tobias Tiecke
overview of the properties of atomic potassium useful for experiments on ... The strongest spectral lines of the ground state potassium atom are the D1 (2S ...

A Potassium Atom Four-Level Active Optical Clock - IOPscience
A Potassium Atom Four-Level Active Optical Clock Scheme. View the table of contents for this issue, or go to the journal homepage for more. 2013 Chinese Phys ...

Resonant Collisions of Potassium Atoms - Digital Commons @ Colby
Resonant Collisions of Potassium Atoms. Philip M. Adamson. A thesis presented to the faculty of the. Department of Physics and Astronomy at. Colby College.

Photoionization Probabilities of Atomic Potassium - APS Link Manager
potassium atom were made to investigate the possibility that the second maximum in ... ~HE photoionization per unit light intensity in potassium vapor as a func-.

Iron, calcium, and potassium atom densities in the trails of Leonids
Nov 16, 1998 ... Iron, calcium, and potassium atom densities in the trails of Leonids, and ... Abstract-We report on studies of the Fe, Ca, and K atom densities in ...

Collective strong coupling of cold potassium atoms in a - arXiv.org
Potassium-39 atoms are cooled in a two-dimensional magneto-optical ... the atom in its excited state and a photon number state |n〉 of the cavity field, the Rabi .

Laser cooling of potassium atoms using collisional - arXiv.org
Laser cooling of a potassium-argon gas mixture using collisional redistribution ... which equals 3 nm in the case of the potassium atom instead of the value of 14 ...

Clinoptilolite: the distribution of potassium atoms and its role - RRuff
Sep 13, 1976 ... Clinoptilolite: the distribution of potassium atoms and its role in thermal stability. By KAZUTOSHI. KOYA1UA* and Y. TAKEUCHI. Mineralogical.

investigation of fine structure of potassium emission spectrum - JETP
The fine structure of potassium atom emission spectrum at A = 4044/47 A (5P3;2, 1;2- 4S112 ... action between strong fields and atoms leads to a variety.

Sub-Doppler laser cooling of potassium atoms
Jul 12, 2011 ... arXiv:1107.2337v1 [physics.atom-ph] 12 Jul 2011. Sub-Doppler laser cooling of potassium atoms. M. Landini,1, 2, 3, 4, ∗ S. Roy,1 L. Carcagnı ...

Steric hindrance in potassium atom-oriented molecule reactions
Society. 1155 Sixteenth Street N.W., Washington, DC 20036. Steric hindrance in potassium atom-oriented molecule reactions. Methyl iodide and tert-butyl iodide.

The absorption spectrum of a potassium atom in a Xe cluster
(Received 11 December 1990; accepted 8 July 1991). We calculate the absorption spectrum for a simple model that mimics a potassium atom in a. Xe cluster.

State‐selective reaction of excited potassium atom with hydrogen
State-selective reaction of excited potassium atom with hydrogen molecule. K* + H2-+KH+H. King-Chuen Lin and Hai-Chou Chang. Department a/Chemistry.

Matrix Reactions of Sodium, Potassium - ACS Publications
Matrix Reactions of Sodium, Potassium, Rubidium, and Cesium Atoms with Nitric. Oxide. Infrared Spectra of the M+(NO)- Species. David E. Tevault and Lester ...

Wavelengths, Transition Probabilities, and Energy Levels for - NIST
tra of the neutral atom and all positive ions of potassium (Z=19). Wavelengths with classifications, intensities, and transition probabilities are also tabulated.

Ultracold Rubidium and Potassium System for Atom Chip - Physics
Ultracold Rubidium and Potassium System for Atom Chip-based. Microwave and RF Potentials. Austin R. Ziltz. Williamsburg, Virginia. Master of Science ...

Dec 25, 1987 ... The WXe “blue triplet” spectrum (730-790 nm) arises from K atoms in three .... trum (lower solid curve) of potassium atoms in a Xe matrix at.

Potassium tune-out-wavelength measurement using atom
May 26, 2017 ... The longest tune-out wavelength for potassium atoms, λzero = 768.9701(4) nm, ... a multipass optical cavity to recycle light shining on an atom.

Collisional properties of ultracold potassium - John Bohn
The hyperfine-state-selected scattering properties of potassium atoms at ultralow temperatures ... Cooling a gas of this atom to the quantum degenerate regime.

Chemguide – answers METALLIC BONDING
b) In solid potassium, the 4s1 electrons from all the potassium atoms overlap to form a huge system of delocalised molecular orbitals which extend over the ...