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Managing rights in PostgreSQL - PostgreSQL wiki
3 Users, groups and ..... Can by given to any role using the SUPERUSER attribute: .... ALTER DEFAULT PRIVILEGES FOR role IN SCHEMA nsp GRANT right.

Blue and Grey - PostgreSQL wiki
25. Writing a ExecutorEnd_hook. ○The hook itself: – check if the user has the superuser attribute. – log (or not) the query. – fire the next hook or the default one .

PostgreSQL Logging - PostgreSQL wiki
Sep 18, 2012 ... get service start/stop messages by default ... make sure the pg user has perms on the log .... comes with postgres, but not enabled by default.

PostgreSQL Installation Guide - EnterpriseDB
Sep 28, 2016 ... Italic fixed-width font is used for terms for which the user must .... PostgreSQL installation or accept the default and proceed to Stack Builder.

AccessData FTK Quick Installation Guide - Amazon Web Services
Dec 5, 2014 ... Accept the default PostgreSQL port he server should listen on or change it and ... In the PostgreSQL User Create dialog, enter and confirm a ...

PSQL 8.3 Cheatsheet - Postgres OnLine Journal
specify database name to connect to (default: "logged in username here") execute commands from file, then exit show this help, then exit list available databases ...

Using VMware vFabric Postgres - vFabric Postgres 9.1
By default, vFabric Postgres performs checksums on each write operation to .... The command sets the password for the user with username root user and for the  ...

Using VMware vFabric Postgres - vFabric Postgres 9.3.5
You specify the passwords for vFabric Postgres users during deployment, and ... To set the postgres operating system user password, log in as root and use the ...

How To Change Default Passwords In Nagios XI - Nagios Enterprises
includes changing the passwords for the Linux root user, and users the Nagios XI software uses to access the MySQL and Postgres databases. Target Audience.

Mastering Advanced GeoNetwork tutorial - GeoNetwork opensource
user ~ $ sudo vi /etc/default/tomcat6 ... user ~ $ psql -d geonetwork -U geonetwork -W -f create-db-postgres.sql ... By default, stored in shapefile format. ◦ Simple ...

Pega 7.1.8 Installation Guide Tomcat PostgreSQL and - PDN - Pega
Jul 7, 2015 ... Changing the default path to Pega 7 logs. 37. Installing .... 7.1.8 BIX User Guide for information about installing BIX. Triggers in Pega 7.1.8.

Ipswitch WS_FTP Server 7 Getting Started Guide
Server host to use an LDAP database for the user database. Failover to a .... default locations: WS_FTP Server or WS_FTP Server with SSH, Ipswitch Notification. Server, Ipswitch ... Specify a PostgreSQL Server and Administrator Account.

Installing Avalanche on Linux with PostgreSQL
Apr 19, 2012 ... and serial support with Avalanche, the user at the Mobile Device Server must .... and repeat steps 2 through 4, replacing the default values with.

PostgreSQL - Blue Medora
PostgreSQL User Name/Password ... user/role a “super user” attribute will correct this limitation. ... **NOTE: By default, the Management Pack will connect to.

UNCLASSIFIED PostgreSQL 9.x Security Technical - Crunchy Data
Mar 29, 2017 ... Rule Title: PostgreSQL must produce audit records containing .... will be owned by the database owner (usually postgres user) with a default.
PGSQL-STIG-9.5 .pdf

External Database Connection
This section explains how to connect to the Polarion's PostgreSQL database from an external source. There are ... user "external", that is automatically configured by Polarion for external access. ... By default, the database is configured to listen.

EMC Unisphere for VMAX Installation Guide -
system (if User Authorization is enabled), or you can use the default user ID smc. If ..... addition, the user must be a member of the postgres group. Use the ...

Unisphere for VMAX Installation Guide - EMC
Setting up the PostgreSQL user on Linux .... enabled), or you can use the default user ID smc. ..... Specify a Unisphere Initial Setup User name (default is smc).

postgresql-9.6.1-1-windows-x64.exe and - Faculty Website Listing
0. Follow these steps to install PostgreSQL (and tools) on Windows 7: ... For the default user postgres, set the password postgres. • Accept default port: 5433.

Package 'RPostgreSQL' - R Project
Jun 24, 2017 ... dbname The database name. Defaults to "", which is interpreted as PostgreSQL default. ... open the connection using user, passsword, etc., as.