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The Platonic Ideas as the Thoughts of God - JStor
evidence in favour of this interpretation is completely lacking. Plato never describes the Ideas either as the thoughts of God or as the content of God's mind.

Aristotle and Plato on God as Nous and as the Good
Philosophy Education Society Inc. is collaborating with JSTOR to digitize, preserve and extend ... Platonic about Aristotle's doctrine of God: not that Plato himself.

Hartshorne, Plato, and the Concept of God - The Metaphysical
the superiority of a process or neoclassical concept of God to the classical theistic ... get very far with a process theism that appeals to Plato in that he was a ...

Plato's major ideas
Immutable. • Knowledge. Aim of philosophy: Form of the Good. Page 3. Plato's major ideas, 2 ... (have reason and emotion, like gods of Greek religion) in lunar.

A Platonic Philosophy of Religion : A Process Perspective
Of course the corrective standpoint on Plato's conception of God pro- vided by process thinkers is not necessarily the final word on the topic. To follow through on ...

Plato on characteristics of god: laws X. 887c5–899d31 Jakub Jirsa
i hope to show that the arguments for the existence of the gods in Laws X .... the text and Plato's theory could be, he is at this moment quite clear on how.

PLATO'S GODS by Glenn R. Morrow - Rice Scholarship Home
triguing close to one of Plato's most enigmatic dialogues. It is something .... other areas, and we know that he had a philosophical conception of God which went ...

The good, the True, and the Beautiful
represents the ideal from which all other ideals emerge. "The Good" would be Plato's concept of "God;' but only in the sense that he conceived of no.

after the ascent: plato on becoming like god - PhilPapers
later conception of god made a di·erence to how he conceived of becoming like god. In particular, I argue that Plato's identification of god with νο ς or intelligence  ...

The Intelligible Creator-God and the Intelligent Soul of the Cosmos
order to determine what Plato's gods are, and what roles they play in his system. ... Medicine | Metaphysics | Religious Thought, Theology and Philosophy of ...

1 Descartes' Three Proofs of God's Existence Intro to Philosophy
devotes the third Meditation to proving God's existence. Descartes ... Like Plato, however, Descartes is not content with merely having found the proximate cause.

Aristotle's Concept of God as Final Cause - Cambridge University
interested in Aristotle's doctrine of God as Final Cause. Concern ... 1 A short statement of Plato's cosmological theory was contained in a previous article of ...

Improvising the Paradigms: Aquinas, Creation and the Eternal Ideas
Creation and the Eternal Ideas as Anti-Platonic Ontology,” which has been published .... 1 Vivian Boland O.P., Ideas in God according to Saint Thomas Aquinas: ...
Improvising Paradigms.pdf

My Revision Notes: OCR AS Religious Studies: Philosophy of Religion
On the other hand you could argue that Plato's suggestion of the existence of the .... 2 (a) Compare the concept of a Prime Mover with the idea of God as a ...

The Idea of God in the Philosophy of Moses Maimonides - Loyola
as a whole; he'nce, the exami'nation of the concept of God, a fun- dame'ntal poi'nt in ..... aCl.uaintance both with Plato a"'d Aristotle, he argues agai"'st ther.

Augustine and the Platonists
The thing is, it's pretty clear that Augustine had never read Plato directly, whether in Greek (which .... Forms as ideas in the mind of God. What he does not buy, ...

Virtue as "Likeness to God" in Plato and Seneca -
enjoy a presence in modern moral philosophy that Plato does not: quite simply, ... Such an understanding of the idea that virtue is likeness to God as we find in.

1 Γενέσθω θεοειδής πᾶς: Likeness to God in Plotinus and Plato In
his reliance on Plato is evident throughout the Enneads. One cannot fully apprehend Plotinus' conception of Likeness to God until it is illuminated by the Platonic ...

The Philosophy of St. Augustine - Sophia Project
For him as for Plato, science means a purer, clearer, more exalted life, the life of the thinker. Reason is capable of comprehending God (capabilis); for God has ...

natural theology meant to those who flrst conceived the idea, we must see it in its genetic .... an idea of the gods was irreconcilable with Plato's and Socrates'.