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Common visual disturbances
Common visual disturbances. Floaters are those blobs and spots in your vision that you can sometimes see when you look at a white wall or plain light coloured  ...

Visual Problems due to Pituitary Tumors A Patient's Guide
of the visual system is affected by a growing pituitary tumor, there can be reduced peripheral vision to both sides. When these changes happen gradually, they.

Vision Challenges with Vestibular Disorders
People with vestibular disorders face particular challenges with peripheral vision, which works to integrate visual information with vestibular functions and.
Vision Challenges.pdf

Visual Disturbances with Clomiphene
visual symptoms of seeing what she described as. "waves in the peripheral vision ". This occurred over the previous two mornings after she got up from bed and ...

Visual Disturbance and Carotid Artery Disease - Stroke Journal
bilateral visual loss (both transient and permanent), and homonymous hemianopsia had an incidence of carotid artery ... were referred for a visual/ ocular disturbance without a ..... peripheral and systemic causes of dizziness. Stroke 11: ...

Chiari Symptoms Presentation - Conquer Chiari
intracranial hypertension, bony abnormalities, and genetic disorders, being the most common. ... vertigo, loss of peripheral vision, nystagmus, earache, snoring ...
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Adverse ocular effects of flecainide - Wiley Online Library
Key words: flecainide – adverse effects – blurred vision on lateral gaze ... with left ventricular dysfunction or any ... spot sizes, the peripheral field with stimu-.

Positive Visual Phenomena - Eye On Vision Foundation
a- Functional disorders: Disturbance of the processing of visual input ... hallucinations, defined as white spots and interference in their peripheral vision. Only in ...

Visual Disturbances After Open-Heart Surgery - Springer Link
The visual disturbances of 45 patients after open heart surgery could be ..... with involvement of the corpus callosum [25] and with lesions of the peripheral end.

Visual problems after stroke - Stroke Association
Visual problems after stroke. Stroke Association – September 2012. • Widening your field of view with optical aids. This involves using a plastic prism on a pair of  ...

Visual System Disorders
Patients are frequently aware of bilateral visual acuity impairment, but if acuity loss is .... black spot within central field of vision), and afferent pupillary defect.

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and the Eye - Pacific University
To cover treatment options for binocular vision disorders caused by EDS. 4. To compare ..... provide the patient with better visual acuity and peripheral vision,.
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Toxic Amblyopia and Accompanying Physiological Disturbances in
.the patients complain of seeing through a cloud; there is the characteristic central disturbance of vision with a com- paratively free periphery of the field and the.

Vision Problems After Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) - Model Systems
Decreased peripheral vision. There can also be complete loss of vision in one or both eyes depending on the injury. How can these vision problems affect my ...

Carbon Monoxide and the Eye - The Journal of Optometric Education
effects on a person's health and vision, especially if left untreated. The brain .... will cause visual dysfunction and is ..... experiencing any peripheral vision loss.

Functional Visual Disturbance due to Hysteria - Semantic Scholar
A 23-year-old male complained of loss of peripheral visual field and everything ... Hysteria, or conversion disorder, has long been a puzzling and fascinat-.

Ocular toxicity from ethambutol - BMJ Thorax
visual disturbance? The Medical ... Ethambutol cancause visual impairment as a result of retrobulbar ... affects peripheral optic nerve fibres; this may cause no.

Visual Dysfunction in CFS
fatigue syndrome (CFS), even though visual symptoms are common. Ocular ... 0 Problems with peripheral vision; patients complain of not seeing objects in their.

Flashing Lights - STA HealthCare Communications
minutes, starting at the periphery of the vision in each eye and moving towards the .... diet, barometric pressure changes, hormonal influences, or even stress.

Disorders of vision in children - Scottish Sensory Centre
Disabilities of Sight, Teacher in Charge, Visual Impairment Unit,. Jubilee Primary School ... Fig 2.5a Visual field of each eye is cut off by the nose. 46. Fig 2.5b 3D ...