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Basic OO Principles OO Design Principles Basic OO Principles
OO Design Principles. Toni Sellarès. Universitat de Girona. Basic OO Principles. – Abstraction. – Encapsulation,. – Inheritance,. – Polymorphism,. – Composition ...

Object Oriented Design
OO Design. 1. Object Oriented. Design. Kenneth M. Anderson. Lecture 20. CSCI 5828: .... concepts. ○ coupling, cohesion, and open-closed principle ...

2. Object-Oriented Design Principles - Software Composition Group
6. Object-oriented design is an iterative and exploratory process. Don't worry if your initial design is ugly. If you apply the OO design principles consistently, your  ...

Design Patterns in C++ - Object Oriented Design Principles
Mar 13, 2011 ... Design Patterns in C++. Object Oriented Design Principles. Giuseppe Lipari http ://retis.sssup.it/~lipari. Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna – Pisa.

Object-Oriented Design OOD Goals OOD Principles What is a class
Object-Oriented Design. • Method for designing computer programs. • Consider “ objects” interacting in the program. – Example: a zoo, a gradebook. OOD Goals.

OO Design Principles & Metrics - Univ. Nantes
fundamental goal of OO design is to place the behaviour (methods) as close to .... All OO design principles depend upon poly morphis m, but w e must ensure.

Object-oriented Design - Department of Computer Science
Goals of Object-Oriented Design. Robustness. • Complex programs should operation ... Design Principles. Abstraction. • Intuitive, high-level interface promotes.

Software Design Principles and Guidelines - Washington University
CS 342: Object-Oriented Software Development Lab. Software Design Principles and Guidelines. David L. Levine. Christopher D. Gill. Department of Computer ...

Object Oriented Design - Advanced Scientific Programming in Python
Overview. 1. General Design Principles. 2. Object Oriented Programming in Python. 3. Object Oriented Design Principles. 4. Design Patterns ...

SOLID Principles for Object-Oriented Design SOLID Principles
SOLID Principles for. Object-Oriented Design. • CSCE 315: Programming Studio. • Instructor: Yoonsuck Choe. • Slides based on Robert Martin's book and web.

Design Principles and Design Patterns
working. Some of these applications manage to maintain this purity of design through .... Of all the principles of object oriented design, this is the most important.

Aspect-Oriented Design Principles: Lessons from Object-Oriented
aspects with other design constructs. I examine these topics using several object- oriented design (OOD) principles, considered from an AOD perspective.

Object-Oriented Design - Andiamo
Design the data structures for a generic deck of cards. Explain how you ..... time to fill them in. 8.3 Design a musical jukebox using object-oriented principles.

Software Development and Object-Oriented Programming Paradigms
The chapter introduces object-oriented design and programming as a .... The principles and techniques used to solve a problem are classified under the ...

Object-Oriented Design - Georgia Tech
Object-Oriented Design Principles. Single Responsibility Principle. Open Closed Principle. Liskov Substitution Principle. Interface Segregation Principle.

Object-oriented design principles OO concepts
9/7/2016. 1. Object-oriented design principles. Objektumorientált szoftvertervezés . Object-oriented software design. Dr. Balázs Simon. BME, IIT. Outline.

OO Primer (pdf)
Or they stress design patterns and their implementation but not the motivations .... One of the simplest, yet most fundamental, object-oriented design principles is ...

Mirrors: Design Principles for Meta-level Facilities of Object-Oriented
We identify three design principles for reflection and metaprogramming facilities in object oriented programming languages. Encapsulation: meta-level facilities ...

OO Design Quality Metrics - Rede Linux IME-USP
Oct 28, 1994 ... OO Design Quality Metrics ... quality of an object-oriented design in terms of the interdependence .... of the “Open/Closed” principle at work.

Measurement and Quality in Object-Oriented Design - LOOSE
In order to support the maintenance of object-oriented soft- ware systems, the quality of their ... fined so that deviations from good-design principles and heuris-.