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Matlab Cheat Sheet
Matlab Cheat Sheet. Some nifty commands clc ... loads all variables from .mat file ver. Lists version and .... when adding new stuff hold off restores to default.

In this course you will be using Matlab to perform numerical
Matlab is a matrix programming language: a variable is considered a matrix by ... There are two main things to remember: First, Matlab is case sensitive, so the ...

MatLab Programming – Lesson 2
1) Log into your computer and open MatLab… 2) If you don't ... (hard to read later ), but with the beginning stuff I ... Find a cool function for z to make a surfc plot.

3 Introduction to MATLAB
Matlab is a commercial software that provides a computing environment that allows for sophisti- .... Some cool stuff (2): perform the example given at the end of.

Simulink: Useful Things to Know
Simulink: Useful Things to Know. George Hines. CDS 101/110a ... the File menu of any open Simulink (or Matlab) window. The following table contains a list of ...

Antonia's Matlab Tutorial - Antonia Hamilton
Matlab for Psychologists: A Tutorial. Table of .... Lesson 14 - How do I read this data file into Matlab? .... The only way to learn Matlab is by using it, so just try stuff .

MATLAB R / R Reference - Mathematics & Statistics - University of
Jun 24, 2014 ... In the end, I was pleasantly surprised that most things I do in MAtlAB have ... For those transitioning from MAtlAB to R, you should check out the ...

Introduction to Plotting with Matlab - Mathematics
Matlab works with essentially one kind of object, a rectangular numerical matrix. Vectors and .... Here are some of the things you need to consider when reading ...

Building GUIs with MATLAB - Ohio University Physics Department
the manual is devoted to the use of MATLAB's GUI-building tool, Guide. ( Graphical ..... These two demos are about very different things, but both respect the convention of ...... entering. >> maps = {'hsv';'hot';'gray';'prism';'cool';'winter';' summer'};.

A Beginner's Guide to MATLAB - HomeN
The purpose of this tutorial is to familiarize the beginner to MATLAB, .... One last command to mention before we start learning some more interesting things ...

Introduction to Octave - MDP - University of Cambridge
To maintain the ideal of learning both Octave and Matlab from this tutorial, the differences ..... things out with Octave, even if the calculation takes a little longer.6 .

introduction to psychophysical toolbox
Toolbox running under Matlab and Octave to. “synthesize and show ... Matlab + post-processing (stats) in Matlab – a single environment leads .... Other cool stuff.

Matlab Tips and Tricks - Columbia EE
Aug 10, 2004 ... Matlab Tips and Tricks. Gabriel Peyré ... First keep in mind that this is not a Matlab tutorial. This is just a ... here perform some stuff end close(h);.

Computational Physics using MATLAB - Purdue Physics
this stuff was meant to be done on a computer, presumably since desktop ... MATLAB® allows you to develop mathematical models quickly, using powerful.
Computational Physics using MATLAB.pdf

INF 4300 - Exercise for Friday 12.11.2010 Smoothing and - UiO
Stuff to learn ... matlab\GCO_UnitTest, and hope you get a set of “PASSED”. .... There is lots of interesting things about this smoothness cost – but we are.

Analyzing mathematical models with MATLAB: numerically
be a starting point to “get your hands dirty with MATLAB”. 2. A “Hello World! .... you can have interesting things like neutrally stable fixed points around which the  ...

Extending MATLAB with Numerical Recipes
Numerical Recipes (or elsewhere) that are not available in MATLAB. You can code some parts of your project .... you may put other stuff here */ ..... colormap cool.

Programming with MATLAB
A script file is merely a series of MATLAB commands that are saved on a file. ..... The first thing that MATLAB does is to evaluate any mathematical expressions.

How Maple™ Compares to Mathematica - Maplesoft
At Maplesoft™, we believe that given great tools, people can do great things. We see it as ..... coded in MATLAB® can be imported into Maple and it will give the ...

MATLAB: Raycasting – with Spheres! -
Dec 17, 2009 ... This rather lengthy project involved writing a raycaster in MATLAB: that is, a program ... tighten the image, and also do some other cool things.