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Subject-Verb Agreement
PRACTICE EXERCISE A: Underline the correct verb form (singular or plural). 1. ... If the sentence has compound subjects (more than one subject) joined by and,  ...

Subject/Verb Agreement - The University of Texas at Dallas
Subject/verb agreement means that subjects and verbs must agree in number ( singular or ... some situations with special rules to deal with them. ... A compound subject just means that two or more nouns are joined by “and” as the subject.

After learning the basic fundamentals of subject-verb agreement, read and understand these special rules and after some practice, forming correct sentences will be ... Underline the subject (or compound subject) and then identify the verb that.

9. 1. SUBJECT-VERB AGREEMENT. RULES FOR SUBJECT-VERB AGREEMENT. RULE 1 – A verb agrees with its subject in number. Singular subjects take ...

Subject-Verb Agreement
(The singular subject Bob agrees with the singular verb is.) ... Compound subjects joined by and are usually treated as plural; therefore, they use plural verbs.

Guided Practice: Students will identify the subject as well as note whether ... two main rules for subject-verb agreement in sentences with compound subjects.

Subject – Verb Agreement - Johnson County Community College
Apr 5, 2013 ... In the following rules and examples, subjects and verbs are referred ... Step 1: The first step in subject-verb agreement is to identify the ... Rule 2: When parts of a compound subject are joined by and, they require a plural verb.

Subject-Verb Agreement - Mesabi Range College
Underline the subject and verb in each sentence. ... Exercise. Identify the subject of the sentence by underlining it once. Then ... COMPOUND and PLURAL.

Grammar: Subject-verb agreement
Teaching and Learning Support (TaLS) – Fact Sheets ... Subject has two or more parts (compound subject). 3. Subject comes after the ... GRAMMAR CHECKERS will TRY to help you with subject-verb agreement, BUT it is a hit-or- miss hint ...

3 Subject-Verb Agreement
Chicago and Atlanta is a compound subject and requires a plural verb. ... types of situations that can pose problems in subject-verb agreement: (1) subject ... ( Singular subject, singular verb). Practice 3. Underline the subject of each sentence.

Subject-Verb Agreement Context Exercises - Armstrong
Subject-Verb Agreement Context Exercises. These materials ... parts of a compound subject refer to one thing or person or when each or every preceded the.

Subject-Verb Agreement - Los Angeles Valley College
Here is an example of plural nouns and their verb agreements: Several ... When compound subjects are joined by or or nor, keep the verb in singular form if .... Exercise: In the following sentences, write the correct form of the verb given. 1.

Subject-Verb Agreement - San Jose State University
When a compound subject contains a singular and a plural noun or pronoun, the ... Activity. Determine whether each sentence has subject-verb agreement and ...
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Subject-Verb Agreement - Skyline College
You must add an –s or –es at the end of the verb when the subject (or the entity performing the ... If a compound subject has both plural and singular nouns, follow the ... Agreement Exercise. Fill in the verb for each sentence. Subject. Verb .

Exercise 1: Subjects Joined by and ... sentence with a verb that agrees with the compound subject. ... Exercise 2: Subjects Joined by or or Similar Connectives.

Some of the sentences below have subject-verb agreement errors
Exercise 1: Proofreading for subject-verb agreement errors - sentences. Circle the ... In nature, this important element is always found as a compound such as.

Subject-verb Agreement
The verb must always agree with the ... The subject and verb must agree even ... the agreement is not affected. ... Compound Subjects ... exercise. (The subject of this sentence is “dog.” However, the antecedent of “that” is “breeds,” which is.
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Subject-Verb & Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement
Unfortunately, these common errors with number agreement—subject-verb agreement ... the logic behind these rules, you may be able to catch yourself and make the appropriate ... Treat compound subjects connected by and as plural.

A Guide to Subject-Verb Agreement - Students
verb “likes” agrees with the singular subject Beau (he) and not the plural, “ neighborhood kids”. (they). Compound subjects. Two or more subjects joined by and ...
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Advanced ESL Lesson
Understand the basic rules of subject-verb agreement and be able to apply .... When a compound subject contains both a singular and a plural noun or pronoun .