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annual report 2015-16 - The Tulsa Zoo
On May 13, our Diana monkey Stormy gave birth. Stormy is taking care of her infant in the Conservation Center, to the interest of the ... A baby spotted turtle hatched this year. .... Bebeto was born in Bolivia and taken in by a local zoo while still.

Chimpanzee Sanctuary Guidelines and - Division of Social Sciences
Tulsa Zoo. Chimpanzee Conservation Centre, Guinea. David Graybeard, South Africa. HELP International .... Prepare guidelines for the release of wild-born captive chimps into the wild. 5. .... infant chimps and gorillas coming out of the forest.

Circus Report, March 15, 1976, Vol. 5, No. 11
Mar 15, 1976 ... ... the baby was born to "Hanako" who was ... Zoo vet Dr. Michael Schmidt and his wife, Anne, kept a 24 hour watch on the baby in an attempt to ... ry's Chimps; rolling globes,and the famous ... Circus. Mar 18-21 Tulsa, Okla.

CHIMPANZEE - Association of Zoos & Aquariums
Dec 8, 2009 ... Chimpanzee (Pan Troglodytes) Care Manual ... Maria Finnigan, Perth Zoo, ASMP Chimpanzee Coordinator ...... but chimpanzees born in zoos are classified as simply “threatened.” As ..... arboreal play, and probing for treats may be essential to the normal physical development of infant and juvenile.

Template for Animal Care Manuals - Association of Zoos & Aquariums
Kibby Treiber, Fort Worth Zoo, AZA Lion SSP Nutrition Advisor. Ann Ward, Ph.D, Fort ... Karen Dunn, Tulsa Zoo, SSP Management Group. Norah Fletchall ...... Cubs are born with dark rosettes that may appear as stripes when ... chimpanzees, other lions, and on the Skeleton Coast of Namibia they hunt seals. Lions frequently ...

Primate Attacks Factsheet - The Humane Society of the United States
Nov 27, 2012 ... handler and climbed a tree at the Alexandria Zoo while the monkey was being moved from an ... arm for a photo and the child was bitten on the hand when he lowered his arm. The bite ..... captive-born primates are infected ...

Blood groups in the species survival plan - Orangutan SSP
zoos and in situ managed populations, as a practical means to assist blood ... groups of bonobo, common chimpanzees, and some orangutans can be reliably .... Specifically, pregnancy may sensitize the dam or fetus through ..... bRh-factor was positive in all animals, except two zoo-born animals (SSP n 5 1, EEP n 5 1).

I. Proof of Abuse - HUMANE ACTION Pittsburgh
Oct 13, 2010 ... animal cruelty to an 18-month-old chimpanzee who was kicked and whipped .... [ 51 ] In another tragic case, a baby elephant had to be euthanized after falling ..... disease that affects 24 percent of elephant calves born in captivity and kills ... weeks after Ringling transferred her to the Tulsa Zoo in Oklahoma.

One Health Newsletter - University of Florida
May 10, 2016 ... the Tulsa Zoo in Tulsa Oklahoma and is the .... Retired research chimpanzees on six ... babies (1,000 confirmed) born with microcephaly and.

The Evo-Devo Puzzle of Human Hair Patterning - Texas Tech
bles that of a baby chimp, minus the noticeably protruding muzzle that characterizes the ... Born in Poland to normal parents,. Stephan toured with the ... (photographed in 2007), courtesy of Maureen O'Leary, Tulsa Zoo; bottom left infant gorilla ...

2010-2011 annual report - The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore
The Zoo is an accredited member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA ) and continues to meet .... was born, marking an historic first- .... WHETHER YOU SEE THE ZOO THROUGH THE EYES OF A CHILD OR THE LENS OF A CAMERA, ... The Chimpanzee Forest team also .... Veterinarian at the Tulsa Zoo in.

2009-2010 annual report - The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore
stood in front of Felix, a multi-ton African elephant, and her “baby” Samson who already weighs one ton, and ... Two male warthog piglets were born in ... Chimpanzees usually sleep in trees, in nests that they construct of leaves. ...... Tulsa, OK.

Reproductive Parameters and Maternal Investment in Mandrills
Infant death within 6 months shortened IBI to 305 days. Increasing age and parity are also associated with short IBI, as is higher rank. Maternal rank and parity ...

ZOO NEGARA - International Zoo News
There was no opportunity to discuss how zoos could be animated to .... There, we find a breeding group of Chimpanzees (Pan .... I would like to thank my good friend Josef Lindholm, curator of birds at Tulsa zoo, ... How is a zoo born? ... What do Shirley Temple, the legendary child actress, and the little zoo on Staten. Island  ...

Sexual swellings in wild white-handed gibbon females - Max Planck
2005, we only added another year to a female's age if the baby was born ...... at the Tulsa Zoo. ..... Sexual behavior of captive chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes):.

Reproductive characteristics of wild female - Semantic Scholar
show that they are similar [e.g. chimpanzees: Emery. & Whitten 2003]. ... day when the infant was detected. Because all ..... meters of mandrills at the Tulsa Zoo.

End of anEra - The Green & White Network Online Community
Tulsa World reporter Jimmie Tramel. On his beats, Tramel .... infant and at ages 5, 8, 12, & 16, legacies will receive free. RiverHawk ...... and putting her NSU degree to work at the Tulsa Zoo. When I was six ... chimpanzees. It was definitely a ...

Sarkeys Foundation Southwest Regional Leadership Forum Breakout
Family and Child Studies from the University of Central Oklahoma. Ian is a .... Dana is married to Doug Drummond, a Tulsa County District Judge. .... Eric Huber is the Chief Creative Officer and cofounder of Blue Zoo Creative, a Website + Brand ... Born and raised in Oklahoma City, Wes received his undergraduate and law.

Oklahoma Today May-June 1997 Volume 47 No. 2
Watch chimp and oranautan families frolic at the Oklahoma Citv Zoo's d .... 2727 South RockfordRoad in Tulsa. R. _,-. Opening ... It is a far cry from my impression of the world as a child ...... BORN SOMETIME EARLY IN THE PERIOD OF THE.

A Kids' Guide to Protecting & Caring for Animals - Free Spirit
local zoo to develop enrichment projects involving zoo animals. ... take a class and get licensed to be foster parents for baby birds misplaced .... She approached her local Meals on Wheels program in Tulsa, ... live in the wild anymore; many horses are bred for riding from the time they are born. .... million chimpanzees.