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The N1JEZ Simple GPS Stabilized 10 MHz Oscillator - NTMS
HP Z3801 10MHz GPS locked reference is a solution but is costly and bulky. • G3RUH and G4JNT have produced solutions using 10kHz outputs from GPS.

HMC1031 - Analog Devices
Frequency translation. Oven controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO) frequency multipliers. Phase lock clean high frequency references to 10 MHz equipment.

OX-204 at 10 MHz - Vectron International
10 MHZ standard, other frequencies available ... DRO reference ... The OX-204 is an Ultra Low Phase Noise Ovenized Crystal Oscillator with a noise floor as low ...

Tutorial on Precision Frequency Generation - IEEE Long Island
Mar 18, 2004 ... 10 MHz oscillator that operates from -20o C to +70o C and exhibits a frequency stability of ..... Stability of internal reference clock electronic.

A Flexible VCXO Locking Board - W1GHZ
Here is the dilemma – we can lock our frequencies to a 10 MHz reference, but we ... The simple GPS frequency reference takes the 10 MHz oscillator output and ...

The KE0FF 10MHz GPS Disciplined Oscillator - RollaNet
Aug 18, 2013 ... magazine article went to great lengths to stabilize the 10MHz reference oscillator, but the contest project offered no temperature leveling or ...

Modifying the Yaesu FT-817 External 10 MHz Reference - VK3HZ
It was decided to remove the internal reference oscillator and build in a PLL oscillator locked to an external 10 MHz reference source. As the FT-817 is never  ...

Model SC-lO 10 MHZ Ovenized Oscillator - Stanford Research
The device is a 10 MHZ sine oscillator with very low phase noise. The circuit was .... reference, Ul , provides an accurate, low noise +1000 Vdc reference for.

The Use of GPS Disciplined Oscillators as Primary Frequency - A2la
whose value is accepted without reference to other standards that produce the .... ically a 10 MHz oscillator, so its signal is divided to a lower fre- quency (often ...

Precision Oscillator Overview - Frequency Electronics Inc
Main Categories of Precision Quartz Oscillators .... (6). Output. Qz Osc. (9). Atomic Vapor Oscillator. ~6.8 GHz. 10 MHz. DC+Mod Freq. (1) ..... For Reference Only.

17 G-Compensated Quartz Oscillators - Frequency Electronics Inc
is oscillator frequency (i.e. 10 MHz) ... Example: if a 10 MHz, 1 x 10-9/g oscillator is subjected to a 10 Hz sinusoidal ... If this oscillator is used as the reference.

clean-up oscillator - Luff Research
CLEAN-UP OSCILLATOR. Model PLOC10-10 Features. • 10 MHz output with exceptional phase ... the internal 10 MHz OCXO to the input reference signal.
10 MHz Clean-Up Oscillator Product Summary.pdf

Frequency Generation Products - L3 Narda-MITEQ
ovenized SC cut crystal for a reference oscillator or a base frequency that can be multiplied. The multiplied crystal usually starting at 10 MHz or above is a tried.

GPS10R/RB - 10 MHz, GPS Disciplined, Rubidium Frequency
Frequency Standards that use a crystal oscillator as the main reference can only .... The GPS10R/RB is normally operated with the Rubidium oscillator's 10 MHz ...

Evaluation of Accuracy of GPS-Disciplined Timing - Spectracom
(ovenized crystal oscillator) or a Rubidium oscillator. The goal of such a device is to provide precise reference frequencies such as 5 or 10 MHz for metrology.

DISCONTINUED PRODUCT Tracking Oscillator - Spectracom
Tracking Oscillator. • Ultra-low phase noise outputs. • Four outputs phase locked to reference input. • Autosensing frequency input 5 or. 10 MHz for application ...

L-Band Block Upconverter (BUC) - Communications & Power
If the BUC Local Oscillator (LO) reference fails or drifts outside of the capture range, a ... MUX Reference: Most L-band modems now have a built-in 10 MHz ...

22-1 A 10MHz 80µW 67 ppm/°C CMOS Reference Clock Oscillator
Abstract. A 10MHz, 80μW CMOS reference clock oscillator is presented in. 0.18 μm CMOS. The proposed oscillator employs a supply-regulated ring-oscillator in  ...

Michael A. Lombardi
additional reference oscillator, and can often measure only one input frequency ( e.g., 10 MHz), but they have a higher signal-to-noise ratio than divider systems.

Block Upconverters - General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies
Ku-Band = 500 or 750 MHz BW. • Phase-locked oscillator locks to external. 10 MHz reference. • INTELSAT/EUTELSAT-compliant phase noise. Options.